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24/7 Customer Service

Caring24’s Customer Care Team is always standing by to assist patients, caregivers and clinical personnel.

• Equipment Troubleshooting

• Questions & Answers

• Program Support




Compliance Monitoring

Augments your clinical team with skilled professionals to:

• Improve User Adoption

• Promote Technology Adherence 

• Reduce Staffing Expenses

• Provide Positive Reinforcement 



Program Planning

• Identify Target Populations

• Establish Key Performance Indicators 

• Develop Procedural Documentation 

• Obtain Staff Buy-In

Engagement and Enrollment

Our Enrollment Specialists provide:

• Patient Outreach 

• Program Education

• Device Set-up Instructions 

• Schedule Appointments

Device Management

A complete provisioning system to:

• Order Devices

• Maintain Inventory Control

• Manage Convenience Kitting

• Track Equipment

• Clean and Redeploy Devices 


Field Service

• Certified Home Representatives

• Nationwide Coverage Capability

• User Training 

• Equipment Installation and Testing 

• Obtain Consent Documents

 From hardware selection to clinical workflow, to field service and monitoring,
we build a well-oiled machine to create a new set of eyes for professional and family caregivers to stay in touch and informed, and when data suggests, engage.

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