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Innovative Medical Monitoring Technologies...

Creating A Connected Health Community 


With mounting pressure to deliver better care at lower costs, healthcare providers are embracing change - looking for new ways to improve healthcare delivery. The advent of new wireless and wearable technologies holds big promise and allows patients and providers to communicate in ways never imagined. We call it our  “Digital Health Highway", a line-up of proven health monitoring solutions that safeguard lives and facilitate better care engagement.


One on One

Caring24's Vital Signs Monitoring Platform is the perfect complement to support proactive case management. For patients who would benefit from at-home clinical oversight of their vital signs, (blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen level, weight, etc)  Caring24 provides a new set of eyes for providers to collect and review medical data in real time. With Caring24 Vitals, care managers can

effectively manage more members and provide targeted care to those evidencing a problem.

At home or on the go, Caring24's Mobile Alert instantly connects users with trained Response Associates at the touch of a button. Operating on one of the nation's largest 3G voice and data communication networks and utilizing GPS technology, Mobile Alert provides clear, two-way voice communication to get the right help, at the right time, to the right location.

Medication non-adherence is one of the most costly and challenging issues facing healthcare today.  Caring24's Med-Reminder System organizes pills in a convenient, easy-to-use dispenser to remind individuals to take their meds from 1 to 4 times daily. Additionally, through our Caregiver Reporting Platform, family members and providers can be notified by email or text when a dose is missed, a refill is required or a compartment is opened out of sequence.  The system works with multi-dose blister packs for easy, error-free loading and communicates compliance and device data to track adherence and support disease management efforts.

Caring24's Medical Alert System provides a 24-hour safety net for individuals to live at home with comfort and confidence. Primarily geared for seniors and disabled populations, Caring24's Medical Alert facilitates early medical intervention, improves care coordination and saves lives. The system works over traditional phone lines, broadband and VoIP technologies and is also available in a cellular version for clients who do not have home telephone service.

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